CULT: an Obscurus event

Love, Worship, Obey

This is your chance! Experience brainwashing! By a cult! Admit it. Secretly you have wished for years to be in such a tight woven community, where everyone freely expresses their love for each other. Find Amon in your heart and you never have to think for yourself again!


What is Cult?

Cult is the international re-run of the successful Dutch Obscurus event “Kinderen van Amon” (2016). It has some serious 18+ psychological themes and there will be game mechanics to portray both sex and violence. Please read the Vision section carefully before signing up. It will not be to everyone’s taste.

The Bright side of being in a cult

You will have a new family and be happy. You will smile all day long and feel love for other cult members. Each day you will be reborn with Amon in your heart. There will be esoteric workshops, community singing, time for meditation, redemption and psychological talks with members who have reached a higher level of consciousness.

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The Dark Side

What if one day you feel less love? Or start to have doubts? Or even worse, have a different opinion than Amon? Nothing to worry your little head over! A special service will administer treatment. In no time you will feel full of love again, ready for your holy task to create more Children of Amon.

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It’s easy! You only have to abide by three rules:

1. Obey Amon
2. Make love and procreate
3. The outside world is the enemy